Aveli | flora-taken for granted

Flora always fascinates me by its beauty, strength and wonderful ability to regenerate. Silent plants of unending shape selflessly share their colors, sustain our life, feed us, keep us warm, let us breath.
We witness the mysterious play of light closing the day at the dusk as it writes its many stories. Zooming in to the house plants unleashes imagination. The rhythm of tree trunks in the forest discloses its living geometry from any perspective. Exotic plants teach the wisdom of color.
I spent my childhood in parks designed and built by my father-one of the finest
landscape architects of our time. Trees were, are and always will be my best friends, confidants and inspirers.
Humans developed a special aesthetic bond with plants. It resides in our
subconsciousness. Dominating the planet we are not aware of its power over us.
This series is an emblem, anthem and a bow to the graceful combination of stoicism and endless beauty of the flora too often taken for granted.